Project Description

Reducing the burden at the most difficult of times


Community Ventures Nash Dom weekly surgeries reduced isolation in our communities and helped to ease the burden our client was faced with at the most difficult of times.

In April 2017 our client came to the advice drop in session at Shelton, they had lived in the UK for 37 years. Her husband had passed away earlier that year. As she had been a housewife she had never worked in the UK and she had been providing care as a carer for husband due to his ill health for the past 2 years. She had no children and only a few family members living locally, her English was also very limited.

She came for help regarding changing household bills in her name, opening a bank account as never held one. Her husband had mortgaged their home and there was no will in place.

Our team were able to provide the support she needed to

  • Hire a solicitor to deal with the legal matter regarding property.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Change bills into her name.
  • Close her late husbands bank account.
  • Apply for benefits that she was entitled too.