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Community Ventures has the interests of the whole community at heart and we aim to provide ground breaking and inspiring community development services.

Here at Community Ventures we specialise in working in partnerships and community engagement.  We have a track record of hosting, developing and delivering pioneering services tailored to meet the needs of communities, statutory organisations and business.

We apply our evidence-based approaches that focus on the strengths, skills and assets that lie within our neighbourhoods. With our guidance, approaches and experiences we can help you to create the conditions needed to reduce health inequalities and to transform disadvantaged communities into neighbourhoods that can venture into brighter futures.

We are a team of community development workers who are passionate about supporting people to make a big difference where they live, work and grow.

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Gill Jones
Gill JonesStoke-on-Trent South
Gill is a Specialist Community Development and Engagement Practitioner who enjoys nurturing and building relationships within communities. Over 15 years she has seen the effect of using a community-led asset-based approach and how it can empower communities to improve their wellbeing. By using innovative approaches, listening and connecting communities they become strengthened and more confident to make a difference to where they live.

Tel: 07792121455

Lisa Tomkinson
Lisa TomkinsonStoke-on-Trent Central
Lisa works alongside community members, groups and agencies using asset-based approaches to community development. She is passionate about using this way of working to support and encourage local residents to bring about positive change that impacts on the wider community’s health & wellbeing, whilst creating a neighbourhood where they all want to live and work
Tel: 07792120541
Marvin Molloy
Marvin MolloyStoke-on-Trent North
An experienced specialist in community development and engagement contributing heavily towards the delivery of Public Health programmes in disadvantaged communities in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Able to combine practical participatory research tools and asset-based approaches to establish community needs, before creating and implementing bespoke sustainable community projects which include successful fundraising strategies and effective partnerships with both statutory and voluntary community services.
Tel: 07547 367411

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