Goms Mill residents association has devoted their time to volunteering for many years in a community that has lots of challenges. They constantly fund raise to provide activities and events for the families at their community house.

They have faced many set backs but through sheer determination they have kept going and spend hours every week trying to make the area a better place to live for their community. They have also recently taken on an allotment to help provide healthy food for the residents and this also provides a calm space for residents to escape their chaotic lives.

Some of the events they have successfully carried out include parties for the families, National Play day each year, Easter, Halloween, Christmas events, Celebration for the Queen, general family events during the school holidays, trips to Blackpool, social sessions, BBQs. As well as many fundraising activities, all funds are given back to the community.

They welcome any new people who want to share ideas, join in, or can offer any help.

Contact Info

Email: gomsmillra@yahoo.co.uk

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Community engagement training

Community engagement training On July 19th we held our community engagement training for local groups at Longton Community Church. Residents from groups in Fegg Hayes, Shelton, Fenton, Goms Mill and Moss Green took