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This community partnership is a group of local residents dedicated to improving life in East Fenton, working in partnership with the Police, local council, organisations and community groups.

They are now working together and have the connections and skills to: –

  • Find out what’s going on in East Fenton
  • Help plan community activities and events
  • They encourage local community members to meet their neighbours, socialise and have fun together.
  • Raise issues with partner agencies in confidence.
  • Get involved in Local decision making

Without their dedication and commitment for Community Action a lot of the local issues would not be tackled.  This has enabled them to have a voice in the community to help bring about positive changes.

Contact Info

Contact details:

Monienne Stone, Secretary, East Fenton Does Matter Partnership

Chris Grant, Treasurer, East Fenton Does Matter Partnership


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Community engagement training

Community engagement training On July 19th we held our community engagement training for local groups at Longton Community Church. Residents from groups in Fegg Hayes, Shelton, Fenton, Goms Mill and Moss Green took