North Shelton


This community partnership thrives on it’s diverse community and is dedicated to improving life in North Shelton, working in partnership with the Police, local council, other organisations and groups.

The group: –

  • Helps to plan activities and events
  • They run a weekly coffee morning and assist with the community advisory drop in.
  • The group encourages the sharing of cultural heritage through food, festivals and community activities.
  • They work alongside partner agencies to resolve local issues
  • Get involved in Local decision making

Without this group there would be further tensions within this community.  They have broken down barriers and continue to listen to the resident’s wishes.

Contact Info

Derek Austin

PHONE: 07920795414

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Community engagement training

Community engagement training On July 19th we held our community engagement training for local groups at Longton Community Church. Residents from groups in Fegg Hayes, Shelton, Fenton, Goms Mill and Moss Green took