C2 National Network of Connected Communities – C2NN

Community Ventures is proud to have worked in active partnership with C2 Connecting Communities, since 2010.

Based at Exeter University, C2 has a long track record of successful community led transformative change in over 25 low-income communities across the UK.


C2 has recently transitioned to become an incorporated charity- C2 National Network of Connected Communities (C2NN), to increase affordable access for residents and agencies, to this nationally acclaimed  ‘theory to reality’ programme that works, and carries on working, for all sectors.

The C2 7-step programme is evidence based and Community Ventures has successfully applied this practical approach in 6 diverse communities in Stoke over the last 6 years.

In recognition of our ‘outstanding work’, Exeter University and C2NN has awarded Centre of Excellence status to Stoke-on -Trent and has invited Community Ventures to form the Midlands C2 Regional Learning Hub, one of 4 nationally.

The strength of the C2 approach is that it has always been able to back up theoretical teaching with site visits where residents and partner agencies provide ‘living proof’ of how it all works and what it looks like at street level.

With 6 Stoke communities able to host these defining visits, we look forward to actively working with C2 founder Hazel Stuteley OBE and her Exeter academic team, to share and spread C2 ‘community health creation’ with even more communities and partner providers across our region and beyond, from the Stoke C2 Regional Learning Hub, to be launched Spring 2018.


Hazel Stuteley talk TED C2 From isolation to Transformation