Improving Well being with Goms Mill Residents’ Association

The area has many problems related to ASB, drugs and suffers from the lack of social interaction and isolation. The Residents Association have tirelessly worked to build bridges and to build up relationships with all of the families and to provide activities for all ages.  Through feedback and word of mouth the families have highlighted that the estate would benefit from more social interaction, which would help to strengthen the infrastructure of the estate and open communication channels.

Some of the events they have successfully carried out include parties for the families, National Play day each year, Easter, Halloween, Christmas events, Celebration for the Queen, general family events during the school holidays, trips to Blackpool, social sessions, BBQs. As well as many fundraising activities , all funds are given back to the community.

These activities, provide opportunities to improve their health .It helps to build up a social network and to make new friends, provide challenges and to encourage the residents to be involved in planning future activities.

The community keep raising the issue that there are not enough activities within the area.  These type of events provide diversionary activity for young people and families The event will also provide young people with positive learning experiences in a safe and fun environment, developing sport/lifestyle skills, social skills and confidence to be involved in the wider community

They work with a variety of partners including My Community Matters, the City Council, Fire service, Police and any service who are willing to work in partnership. This helps to give good value for money and to help provide more activities and support for the community.

The Resident Association know the residents well as they have all lived in the area for a long time and know the demographics of the area.

Studies have demonstrated that increased community mobilisation can achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes such as: –

  • Reduced mortality rates from Cancer and other illnesses
  • Reduced unplanned hospital attendances and admissions
  • Improved healthy life years
  • Life satisfaction

Helps to prevent Social isolation

Improves fitness levels

Healthier eating

Improves mental health

Improving self esteem and self confidence

Learning new skills

Community Allotment – before & after

Activities at the Community House