Traveller to Traveller case study


Local resident and Colleague from Fenton Children’s Centre approached MCM to support and help to set up a drop in advisory service for the Travelling Community Members due to limited provision of services.

  • A venue, room and refreshment facilities provided by stoke on Trent City Council – Fenton Children’s Centre on a 6-week pilot project.
  • Partner agencies working together to support Resident led project.
  • Initially set up for 6weeks as a pilot scheme.

Outcomes during this short period of time

  • Community venue and room secured for 6 weeks
  • Resident led drop in
  • Partner agencies working together
  • 8 Community members have accessed the drop in
  • Main issues raised, Homelessness, Housing Benefits and general health concerns
  • This service has now been extended for a further 6 weeks due to the need and demand of the drop in sessions.
  • Word of mouth used rather then the usual channels of communication and promotion

Social Impact

  • Relationships and Trust starting to build with Statutory and Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • Signposting to voluntary organisations for help and support with furniture, food donations and general advice to services
  • Accommodation secured to enable a family to be reunited
  • 1 resident now volunteering in the community as gratitude to all the help and support received.
  • Community Connections made for further social activities and engagement


What people said

“I’m so grateful to all the lady’s that help me to get a house for me and my kids as I was homeless and it means the world to me to have some where to call home it’s nice to no there is help for Travellers I cant thanks use enough thanks its a worthy cause that needs to keep going as there is no help no where out there for Travellers.”

What we achieved