Community Ventures Nash Dom weekly surgeries have supported clients with life changing injuries and loss of employment.  

A Latvian national, who has lived in Stoke on Trent since 2012, was employed fulltime by Sainsbury’s in the warehouse and began to suffer from a lower back problem which prevented him from walking. He visited the hospital where he was hospitalised for 5 days and the Dr’s advised that the injury was very severe and that it would require extra care and recovery for a lengthy period of time.

His wife came to see us at our surgery as his sick pay from his employer had come to an end as had his employment due to his ill health.  Our team went through what benefits were available which could help our client and then we started their benefit claims.

Our client also lived in a 3-bedroom terraced house with a bathroom and toilet upstairs and was unable to get upstairs so we are now working with this family to help them to find a suitable accommodation to meet their needs.