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Community Ventures – Connecting Communities (C2)

The Midlands Connecting Communities C2 Learning Hub

Community Ventures has successfully applied C2NN principles in diverse communities in Stoke on Trent to facilitate and deliver successful community led neighbourhood change & improvement and we are able to showcase Health Creation and the benefits of the C2 approach from our Stoke on Trent Community Learning Hub which will form the C2NN learning Hub for the North of England.

The C2 National Network of Connected Communities is an incorporated charity offering easy access to resident-led learning for low-income communities, engaged in transformative change.

Community Ventures has been recognised by C2NN as one of 3 potential regional Centres of Excellence for their outstanding work consistently delivered in communities in Stoke on Trent.

Community Ventures will be working with Hazel Stuetely O.B.E and colleagues from Exeter University and residents and service providers from up to 25 different communities throughout the UK.

The evidence based Connecting Communities (C2) programme consistently works by creating new relationships between residents, partner providers and peer neighbourhoods.

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It uses a practical, tried & tested framework of steps to create the enabling conditions needed for them to work together as equals to form a resident led, long term, ‘People & Provider’ Partnership.

These local partnerships put residents firmly at the heart of decision-making where they live, and many neighbourhoods have achieved transformative and lasting measurable improvements, not only in local conditions, but to their individual & collective health, well-being & quality of life.

A large-scale improvement in health behaviours has consistently proved a welcome by- product of this way of working. Hence the new term to describe this as ‘community health creation.’

Health Creation: The missing Jewel in the NHS’ crown? a call to address health inequalities

‘Health creation is the enhancement of health & well being that occurs when an individual or community gains a sense of mastery over their own lives and environment’. Hazel Stuteley Feb.2016

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