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About the My Community Matters Service 

My Community Matters is a service commissioned by Stoke on Trent City Council and is hosted by Changes Health & Welbeing and delivered by the founders of Community Ventures.

MCM is an asset-based community empowerment approach operating in communities in Stoke-on-Trent which have been identified as in need of support or intervention

MCM provides support to communities who want to make a difference to where they live and is based on the ‘Connecting Communities’ (C2) framework (Stuteley and Hughes, 2011).

This is a ‘bottom-up’ approach of accelerated neighbourhood development which aims to improve health, wellbeing and local conditions in disadvantaged areas. MCM brings community members together, empowers local residents and public services to work together and towards transformational change using the C2 seven steps.

What we do

My Community Matters works to support 5 C2 sites Middleport, Portland, East Fenton, North Shelton, & Normacot.

MCM also provide their community engagement & development expertise to support community groups and organisations in Blurton and Goms Mill. They also work in partnership with the Willowbank GP Surgery to help them to establish their presence and grow their patient list from zero to over 9,000.

  • In 2014 the My Community Matters team were shortlisted for the NHS Alliance ‘Innovation in Action’ award for showcasing excellent innovation in action, effecting real change in local communities.

Where we are now

My Community Matters is beginning its 5th year delivering the initiative in Stoke-on-Trent and is hoping to establish 2 – 3 more sites over the next 12 months and offer more support to communities across the city.

Our objectives

Developing capacity and capability with residents and professionals to work in this way with oversight and support from MCM – to increase the support available for existing community groups and partnerships as well as enabling more people to take an asset based approach to work in their communities.

Developing ‘connecting communities’ activities in 2 new areas working closely with residents and partners within those areas.

Supporting existing groups and partnerships to continue to develop towards sustainable and self-managing groups.

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